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Saturday 10th March 2018

The WiP London 2018 Conference was inspired by the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWIP UK) organised by the University of Oxford. It was first organised by a second year undergraduate, Miho Wakai, having attended CUWIP UK last year. She took the initiative to carry forth this conference and bring it here to King’s College London. 


Starting out as just an evening of talks from specialists in different areas of physics, this conference has now become a day long event, with talks from speakers on their research or work and any challenges they may have faced during the process of their careers. There was also a panel structured on the ‘Future of Physics’, with panelists ranging across post graduates and doctorates. To conclude the conference, there was a networking reception where attendees had the opportunity to meet and speak to panelists or speakers from the conference. 

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Made possible by alumni donations to the King's Community Fund.