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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the society about?

The society is about creating an inclusive and supportive environment for everyone. We aim to build a supportive community both within the King's Physics Department, but also throughout the UK through our events and social media pages.  We acknowledge the act that there are far and few womxn in physics, and aim to address this underrepresentation by holding various events and workshops throughout the year.

Are people who don't identify as womxn/non binary able to participate in events?

YES! Our events are always open to everyone, regardless of gender. The society was created to raise awareness and try and think of alternative ways to combat the gender inequality faced in Physics. Although most events are open to everyone, we do ask everyone to be respectful of the space that they are in and be mindful of all attendees.

Do you do outreach activities?

Yes! For the past years we have worked with many local schools to have outreach sessions with their students! Interested schools are more than welcome to contact us!

What does womxn mean and how do I pronounce it?

Womxn is a more inclusive term which promotes intersectionality and not only includes cis womxn, but also trans women and femme/feminine-identifying genderqueer and non-binary folk.


The pronunciation is of womxn is the same as "women". That's a bit weird, you might think, how can two words spelt differently have the same pronunciation? Well there are quite a few examples, "pair" and "pear", "be" and "bee". 

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